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I have a usb 306 nextg modem which seems to be working fine when i connect using the connection manager but when i try to use it with dial up networking dun it doesnt, and there seems to be no driver to be configured. Unlocking allows to use your telstra elite usb sierra wireless usb 306 modem with any carrier on any compatible network. Bigpond customers have been caught out by a bug between the new windows 8. Read our forum, engage with our community and get the support you need from our team.

New telstra turbo prepaid mobile broadband usb modem mf626i. If you have or are planning to use a telstra usb 4g 320u or telstra usb 3g 312u on a pc currently running windows 10, please note that the telstra connection manager software is currently incompatible with that operating system. Click device information and you will see the latest software and web ui versions listed, which should be 21. After launching 3g watcheraircard watcher and inserting my usb modem into my laptop, the status window displays device in software installation mode. If you go to device manager and check the details of driver from memory it will be. Find the latest technical information related to sierra wireless products and solutions. Mac os x when the telstra connection manager window appears, doubleclick the. Simply plug the modem into a spare usb port on your notebook or pc and the software should automatically run. The builtin driver supports the basic functions of your sierra wireless telstra elite usb 306 hardware. Why does watcher display device in software installation. Telstra usb and windows 10 incompatibility telstra. For superfast internet speeds on the go, stay connected to telstras 4gx network with the huawei telstra prepaid 4gx usb wifi plus pppe8372.

Turn off the wifi on your device dont worry, this site is free to use whether youre in australia or overseas. Telstra usb 4g aircard 320 u, telstra elite usb modem usb 306, and telstra ultimate mobile wi. Usb 306 telstra elite usb 306 aircard 501 aircard 555 aircard 580 aircard 595 aircard 595u. How to update telstra 4g mobile broadband dongles huawei telstra wifi 4g advanced pro x e5786 press the. I have installed windows 10 and now my sierra wireless 4g internet stick is not recognised and cant seem to get it run. Telstra store or partner for assistance with picking the best antenna option for you as well as help with installation. Compact usb form with self installing pc and mac connection software. If your usb modem isnt listed, contact us to inquire about a driver. Visit the source to download user guides, configuration.

Telstra usb 4g aircard 320 u, telstra elite usb modem usb 306, and telstra ultimate mobile. How to use aircard 320u in ubuntu ver01 answer netgear. We highly recommend that most windows users unless you are advanced download a driver update tool like driverdoc to help update your sierra wireless usb modem drivers. Unlock tool for sierra wireless aircard all models allinone today i am providing one great tool to unlock sierra wireless wifi mifi and other model, which can unlock. Mf821 4g usb modem software telstra crowdsupport 350601. The mf626i is compatible with both for windows and mac operating systems. Sierra wireless aircard 312u 3g usb modem is the fastest 3g wireless usb surfstick, released by operator telstra in australia named telstra bigpond ultimate turbo card. This message appears only on modems with truinstall. While the validity of telstras claim to offer true 4g can be debated, theres no doubt the usb 4g modem offers significant speed. Remote unlock by software for telstra elite usb sierra.

Follow the onscreen prompts to install the connection manager software. Telstra elite usb sierra wireless usb 306 locked to telstra australia or any provider in the world description remote unlock by software is the fastest and most cost effective way to unlock telstra elite usb sierra wireless usb 306 when unlocking by code is not available. Listed below are usb modems that have been tested as compatible with our routers. The usb 306 is marketed and sold by telstra as the telstra turbo 21 modem, and was available in limited quantity in early 2009. Make offer telstra sierra wireless usb 306 qualcomm 3g. Sierra wireless 62534 views to connect airlink aleosenabled devices to your pc running windows, you need to install one of the following drivers. Sierra wireless telstra ultimate mobile broadband usb modem quick start manual. Remote unlock by software for telstra elite usb sierra wireless usb 306. Home antennas for telstra optus vodafone telstra older 3g modems bigpond elite usb 306. Due to driver issues, customers will need to contact the bigpond wireless team 76 63 to have their device registered manually or install device on windows 7. We are working with our vendor and software teams to update o. Telstra bigpond ultimate wireless sierra aircard 312u usb. I get stuck at connect card even though the aircard is plugged in.

Sierra wireless telstra elite usb 306 drivers download. In another first for a prepaid device, the telstra prepaid 4g my pocket wifi ultimate features a data usage metre integrated with our billing system. Does the 306 support dun and if so can someone explain to me how to set it. Telstras usb 4g modem is the first mobile broadband device in australia to run on the companys new 4g lte network. If all goes to plan, youll be up and running in less than 7 minutes. I have installed windows 10 and now my sierra wireless 4g internet.

This builtin sierra wireless telstra elite usb 306 driver should be included with your windows operating system or is available through windows update. Wifi connection detected to access your account youll need to. However, you may need to adjust some settings to ensure you get optimal. Modem sierra wireless aircard usb 306 quick start manual. Hello i want my telstra 21 modem unlocked aswell i will also pay for it but i have a problem the imei on the modem is worn off and i cant read it is thare any way i can find out what it is thank you. Look for the imei number usually on the back of the device then check its compatibility here if your device didnt selfinstall, you can install it manually by downloading the getting started guide telstra prepaid devices are locked to the telstra mobile network, so nontelstra sims wont. Owners of the my pocket wifi ultimate will be among the first to benefit when we switch this new spectrum on. Telstra universal connection manager the universal connection manager ucm is the administrative application for your mobile broadband service. Windows and mac users can download the telstra postpaid mobile broadband connection manager for usb devices. These devices have been modified according to bigpond as the telstra ones have been modified for telstra. We are not talking about the sierra wireless usb 306, we are talking about the bigpond sierra wireless usb 306 device. Microsd card for external data storage available at consumer electronics stores you can use your telstra usb 4g with these operating systems. Telstra has released a new 4g mobile broadband device that combines a 4g usb dongle with a 4g wifi hotspot which it is billing as the first of its. Use your account details to log in, otherwise you have a possibility to access software with free account that will allow you only to detect device.

There are three means to update the huawei e8372 drivers for windows 10. I am having trouble installing the telstra 4g usb wireless broadband dongle on a new laptop loaded with windows 7. Huawei usb driver is a considerable part to get a great many android apparatus which lets you easily connect any android apparatus or tablet during the personal computer or laptop. Verizon wireless usb760 3g usb mobile broadband aircard mc760 lot of 10. Telstra, sierra ac880u telstra turbo 7 series modem, sierra. Telstra usb and windows 10 incompatibility telstra crowdsupport. The telstra turbo prepaid wireless broadband service is compatible with both windows and mac os x, and installing the software required takes just a few minutes. The new modems nearly triple the speed of other mobile broadband devices, with peak download speeds of 21 megabits per second mbps, making them the fastest mobile broadband. It is recommended where possible that you perform this upgrade for ongo. When traveling you dont have to keep your existing service provider, you can simply use networks available in your travel area. Aircard 880u for telstra aircard 880u for wataniya aircard usb 306 for telus aircard usb 308 for pelephone aircard usb 308 for rogers.

Software download, telstra universal connection manager. That is until the laptop is restarted again and the connection manager does not recognise the modem. Standard sim card 2ff quad band umts, quad band gsm for use on the telstra network. Windows the software installation process starts automatically. Mac os x when the telstra connection manager window appears, double.

Telstra usb 4g sierra aircard 320u firmware install instructions telstra has released a firmware upgrade for the telstra usb 4g usb sierra aircard 320u that improves performance and reliability on the telstra next g network. Peplink balance and pepwave max routers support a long list of 3g4g lte usb modems. Has anyone had a similar experience and could offer some suggestions as telstra tech support are useless. Australianteamprojectswirelessbroadbandinformation ubuntu wiki. To connect, your device needs to be compatible with the telstra mobile network. Following sierra wireless has 306 and 308, sierra 312u 42mbps 3g usb modem is best.

Support aircard 320u telstra aircard 320u telstra usb 4g aircard 320u model version. Airlink usb drivers for windows dec 09, 2010 author. If i goto control panel and uninstall the telstra software, the reinsert the modem and install it again, everything works perfectly. The source is the website for community and technical information for sierra wireless products and solutions. Unlock tool for sierra wireless aircard all models allin. Telstra 4gx provides you with speeds up to two times as fast as regular 4g on your compatible 700mhz spectrum device in a 4gx area. Telstra 21 sierra wireless aircard usb 306 unlock code.

Just insert it into the usb port and let it run to set up your internet software. The mf626i has its drivers and connection manager software on the device iself so there is no need for an installation cd the device plugs straight into the usb port of your computer and gives plug and play installation. The telstra ultimate usb modem is larger than regular mobile broadband devices, including telstras own turbo 21 modem but its connector doesnt hinder access to nearby usb. Our peplink balance multiwan router series, max cellular routers as well as the surf soho routers support cellular usb modems as another wan path, via an inbuilt usb port or via android tethering, even.

Usb 306, sierra wireless, 3g, 1001, csl hong kong telus canada. To manually download the latest software, you can click on tools and select check for updates. Its a relatively light piece of software and the annoying links to telstras services, news and search information can be hidden by adjusting options in the view menu. By april, the turbo 21 was available to customers and offered peak download speeds of 21 mbits, although actual speeds vary between 550kbits and 8mbits. If the usb modem you have is not listed, then you may. View and download telstra bigpond usb 4g getting to know manual online. This utility downloads and updates the correct telstra elite usb 306 driver version automatically, protecting you against installing the wrong drivers.

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