Nhikvision dvr ddns configuration pdf

Hikvision ddns setup help document enter your gateway router ip. So youre having trouble viewing your security camera system remotely, and youve already read our articles on forwarding your ports. Ddns setup for nvrs dvrs using gui local interface 1. The ip and web page varies with different brand router and model. An account with flir visible enables you to register a free dynamic domain name service ddns account for remote access to your flir products. Oct 05, 2015 ddns configuration for hikvision devices posted on 5 october 2015 22 october 2015 by cristian sas hikvision devices allow users to be continuously in touch with their surveillance system anywhere in the world, no matter the distance, thanks to remote connection feature. By using hikonline services, you agree to our cookie policy and privacy policy. Unlike dns that only works with static ip addresses, ddns works with dynamic ip addresses, such as those assigned by an isp or other dhcp server.

Once the ddns client on the dvr is setup, this address will be updated. On the bottom of your dvr is a user name and password for the i dvr. Quick guide of remote monitoring via pc or mobile phone 4 the ipv4 address is the ip of your dvr, which should be in the same network segment with the ip of your router. Set up the recorder network menu according to the instructions detailed in the networking chapter of the. When i setup the new techpro hdcvi dvr networking i used port 88. Ddns feature on the dvr is useful if you dont have a static ip and need a service to keep track of changes to your dynamic ip and be able to access the dvr remotely via a hostname. On the channel display, right click and a small control bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. Ddns can convert your dynamic ip address to easy remember domain, so that you can remotely access the web interface of ip cameranvr from anywhere, anytime. Enable ddns on your device, from the main menu click on configuration and select option network.

Ddns is a service that maps internet domain names to ip addresses. The main reason for setting up a ddsn client is to solve the problem of the base station using the ntrip caster function to make a correction stream available directly from its router, or a cell phone changing its ip address as determined by the service provider. Click main menu, and then click the setting icon, and then click network ddns. Dynamic dns allows you to access the dvr using a url. How to setup hikvision ddns from the main menu select system configuration the system configuration menu is where to set the date and time, configure the network setting, change port numbers, enable ddns settings, setup email, users accounts and more. How to setup hikvision ddns for remote access with hi ddns. Ddns is the abbreviation of dynamic domain name system. Ddns setup using noip and your computer cctv camera world. If you are accessing the dvr via your web browser, then go to configuration.

Enter in the preferred dns you can find this on your router under primary domain name serverdns on the status tab. Besides the customization of the internet domain name, dynamic dns could be integrated into your dvr or pc dvr. Login the router web page and turn on dhcp and upnp. Dynamic dns the dvrs external ip address may change from time to time unless your internet account is set for static ip. Your ddns may take 1030 minutes to update with the network. Click here for instructions on how to set up port forwarding. Then next to ddns server, select the server you wish to connect with. Hikconnect ddns service allows accounts to assign unique domain names to online devices. I have an old dvr on my network using dyndns and port 80 ok. After the above settings, click apply on the right bottom of the screen. Connect your dvr nvr to your network router with an ethernet cable. But are there videos andor manuel to setup the dynamic ddns settings on dvr and thru quickdns video tutor would be great. Right clicking anywhere on the live view screen and select main menu.

Configure ddns thru ie configuration is easier for typing. Ddns, considering the features of adsl and the practical situation. Follow the step with us and get your hikvision dvr on internet. It is specifically made to support dynamic ip addresses that can change every so often. I after putting in the user name and password click on logon and you will see this screen. It provides ddns service to all hikvision devices such as dvrs, dvs and ip cameras.

Once you have added the dvr, nvr or ip camera to the ddns service you will be able to see. The idvre series surveillance dvrs support dynamic dns ddns. Click apply to save the settings, and then click ok to exit. Connect the ahd dvr to the network using a lan cable switch on the ahd dvr select setup and go to network setup. Feb 10, 2017 how to register dyndns on dvr hikvision welcome to hikconnect to online hikvision youtube channel please vistit on this site. Microsoft word setup ddns configuration for divitec simple start nvr. Hello, here we are going to describe how to configure hikvision dvr on internet with the help of screen shots. Dynamic dns allows the user to assign internet domain names to ip addresses. How to setup ddns in a hikvision camera support noip. Access the devices system settings using mouse rightclick menu system configuration.

Since the ddns is so widely implemented in all video surveillance products, the ddns configuration is straightforward. Page 59 user manual of network video recorder register an account figure 9. And the other items can be set as above or default. Part 1c setup ddns server address in ip camera through ie 1. Configuring ddns with create an account with will allow a user to maintain an account with up to 5 hosts at no charge. Navigate to setting at the top and network ddns on the left. Quick guide of remote monitoring via pc or mobile phone. Note that this method is no longer available when you configure a new dvr. Use ie11 to log in to your device or go to it directly. Navigate the dvr nvr local menu to menu configuration networkgeneralnat, enable the. How to configure hikvision dvr nvr ddns remote view setup step by step duration. How to configure hikvision dvrnvr ddns remote view setup. Configuration remote configuration network settings ddns figure 9. It provides ddns service to all hikvision devices such as dvr s, dvs and ip cameras.

Hikvision network digital video recorder user manual pdf. Please fill in the device domain name empty box, this information will be required once registering in hikvsion ddns server. Enter in the dns you can find this on your router under primary domain name serverdns on the status tab. Dynamic dns ddns allows you to create a hostname that points to your dynamic ip or static ip addressip camera, nvr, dvr, web server we provide a free ddns service to our customers who purchased our ip camera, pc dvr, or standalone dvr. Body cameras are now essential during police and traffic enforcement, and body camera assistant software is a configuration tool designed for hikvision body cameras.

Use these settings to set up a dynamic dns ddns client in the sps modular receiver. Quick ddns dynamic ip remote viewing software security. Mar 01, 2012 ddns management system is the dynamic domain name server of hikvision. How to set the ddns dyndns on the hikvision nvrsdvrscamera. Ddns allows anyone hosting a web or ftp server to advertise a public name to prospective users. If everything is set up correctly, you should see the message ddns is normal. Based on model type version ds2cd8264fwd ei ip camera v4. In order to send email, the nvr or dvr network settings need to be configured with a correct ip address, subnet mask, default gateway anddns server. But adsl gives dynamic ip addresses and here is the one most widely used solution for internet access.

How to setup email nvr or dvr email is an action that can be taken by the nvr or dvr to alert a user of an event or alarm of a specified type. How to register dyndns on dvr hikvision welcome to hikconnect to online hikvision youtube channel please vistit on this site. Remote access via dyndns remote viewing software security. The is a free server, while the server is a paid service if the option is selected, you will have to create an account at to receive a username and password. Jul 20, 2016 free ddns setup for ip cameras and nvr dvr recorders july 20, 2016 by matthew rossi. Free ddns setup for ip cameras and nvr dvr recorders cctv. Although the ddns account is not configured yet, you can input the necessary data. Step 1 power on the dvr and go to menu configuration network ddns diagram 1. Hikvision ivms 4200 configuration step by step tutorial duration. Enter the subnet mask and default gateway address usually it is the ip address of the router. If using a pc or mac to access the dvr from a remote location, or if changing dvr settings remotely, setting up port forwarding is recommended. You will be able to configure settings of user, video, osd, encoding, platform, wifi and ppp, while syncing device time and transferring files. With the development of surveillance systems, more and more users want to use adsl to realize video surveillance through network.

Enter in your username and password and then log into your hikvision device. You can do it locally in the network configuration window, or remotely via ivms4000 client application or web interface. This guide will help you setup and configure dynamic dns within your hikvision cameradvrnvr. For older dvrs that lack ddns integration, you can still reap the benefits and reliability of ddns by running it through a pc that is on the same network. Qsd2316l, qstd2408, qstd2416, qsdt8dp 4 page step 6. There is no port number on the dyndns configuration in the dvr. Setup ddns configuration for divitec simple start nvr. From here, navigate to the ddns page on your device configuration network basic settings ddns. In the ddns setup go to menumain menunetwork setup input information and put a check in the enable ddns box. Oct 28, 2014 how to configure hikvision dvr nvr ddns remote view setup step by step duration.

An internet connected device camera, dvr, nvr can be configured to be accessed from outside its local network. From ie remotely i have accessed both dvrs using the respective port numbers so the router is ok. Dynamic dns can be a very useful and reliable tool for your dvr security system. Make sure network type is set to static and a valid local ip address is configured in the dvr. In this example, we are using the turbo hd dvr ds7200.

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