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This years edition updates the outlooks for all fuels. What is possible with greater efforts on energy efficiency. Jj1264 wec resources oil 1410 js world energy council. Carbon capture and storage 20 compared to previous publications such as the technology roadmap. This years energy outlook provides fresh insight into these trends and many more. By 2040, about 25 percent of the worlds energy supply comes from lowcarbon. The iea world energy outlook was published the 12th of november. Between 2015 and 2040, world energy consumpt ion increases by 28% in the ieo2017 reference case, with more than half of the increase attributed to nonoecd asia including china and india, where.

Revisiting the ieas world energy outlook 20 peak oil. Yesterday, 12 november, 20, the iea launched its 20 world energy outlook. Iea 20 the prospect of a breakthrough for ccs seems further away in the iea s world energy outlook special report redrawing the energy climate map june 20 and the technology roadmap. But a friend a friend of mine at the brokerage firm of dewey, cheatem and howe lent me access to his copy. World energy, it has become a respected contribution to the global. The international energy agency the iea, which was established in november 1974, has over the years gained recognition as one of the worlds most authoritative sources for energy statistics. Incorporating these recent developments and world class analysis, world energy outlook 20 presents a full update of energy projections through to 2035 and insights into what they mean for energy security, climate change, economic development and universal access to modern energy services. The world energy scene today some longheld tenets of the energy sector are being rewritten countries are switching roles. Iea world energy outlook 20 peak oil news and message boards. Large differences in regional energy prices are set to affect industrial competitiveness, influencing investment decisions and company strategies. Energy efficiency a major factor in the global energy balance is treated in much the same way as conventional fuels.

The international energy outlook 2010 ieo2010 presents an assessment by the u. Because renewables include both tradi onal and modern forms, its growth is the net result of two opposing trends. Iea energy efficiency 2018 and world energy outlook 2018. Its prospects and contribution are presented in a dedicated chapter. What are the implications of the rising coverage of energy efficiency policies and the growing competitiveness of renewables.

World energy outlook 201 8 international energy agency iea worried about future developments world energy outlook the 2018 report mentions that major transformations are underway for the global energy sector, from growing electrification to the expansion of renewables, upheavals in oil production and globalisation of natural gas markets. Nov 12, 20 india is set to overtake china in the 2020s as the principal source of growth in global energy demand. Its allencompassing annual studies of oil, natural gas, coal, electricity and renewables are indispensable tools for energy policy makers. In a world where big differences in regional energy prices impact. Nov 10, 2015 india is set for a period of rapid, sustained growth in energy demand. The international energy agency iea is an autonomous body which was established in.

Twothirds of future growth in energy demand will come from asia, led by both hina and india, says the international energy agencys 20 world outlook. Key findings of the international energy outlook 20 2 adam sieminski, ieo20 july 25, 20 with world gdp rising by 3. Here is one of their graphs that indicate how much they think is left, coal, gas and oil. In the efficient world scenario, energy intensity will improve by around 3% per year, a stepup from current levels, resulting in minimal increases in energy demand, despite the global economy doubling.

Energy outlook downloads and archive energy economics bp. World energy council fi insights brief fi 2019 background and objectives in anticipation of the 24th world energy congress, which will convene over 6,000 energy leaders in abu dhabi in september 2019, the world energy council the council is refreshing its global energy foresight and updating its global scenarios narratives. The aggregated flow other is removed from the database. International energy agency, co2 emissions from fuel combustion, paris, france. The world energy outlook has published detailed analysis of the. The report presents a central scenario in which global energy demand rises by onethird in by 2035.

Todays share of fossil fuels in the global mix, at 82%, is the same as it. Energy information administration eia of the outlook for international energy markets through 2035. Electric and plugin hybrid electric vehicles, june 2011, and ieas tracking clean energy progress, april 20. International energy agency iea presents here a summary assessment of the energy sector impacts of national climate pledges socalled intended nationally determined contributions indcs. The annual energy outlook 20 aeo20, prepared by the u.

Energy information administration eia, presents longterm projections of energy supply, demand, and prices through 2040, based on results from eias national energy modeling system. It presents authoritative projections of energy trends through to 2035 and insights into what they mean for energy security, environmental sustainability and economic development. Any such attempt is doomed to fail the uncertainty surrounding the energy transition is here to stay. The importance of energy efficiency is evident in the current work of the international energy agency iea. Introductory paper a comparison of recent iea and opec outlooks. The world is missing opportunities to improve energy efficiency, policy is not delivering the full potential gains that are available with current technology. The value of the outlook is not in trying to predict the future. Oil world energy council 20 the rise in oil and natural gas prices has also been matched by increased investment in explo ration, which totaled nearly usd80 billion in 2012. Download the latest edition of the bp energy outlook, supporting resources or our country and regional insight factsheets. Ieas world energy outlook energy demand by scenario m toe 29 31 21 5 14 coal oil gas nuclear renewables energy mix 2012 total. To accommodate this change, the industry subsectors have been reordered.

World energy outlook 2012 industry and government decision makers and others with a stake in the energy sector all need weo2012. Half of the increase is attributed to china and india. Energy information administration s eia international energy outlook ieo presents an analysis of longterm world energy markets in sixteen regions through 2050. These are just some of the key findings from the iea in the latest edition of its world energy outlook. Energy information administration annual energy outlook 20 iii. Dec 24, 20 an added nuance in this years outlook is that the iea now expects world leading energy growth in china to be overtaken in a decade or so by faster growth in india, while rapidly growing consumption in the middle east could result in that region posting the secondhighest growth in primary energy demand through 2035, especially for natural gas. Share of global export market for energy intensive goods the us, together with key emerging economies, increases its export market share for energy intensive goods, while the eu and japan see a sharp decline. Reference case projections in each edition of the ieo are not predictions of what is most likely to happen. By comparison, renewables met % of the worlds primary energy demand in 2011. World energy outlook 2019 international energy agency the world energy outlook series is a leading source of strategic insight on the future of energy and energyrelated emissions, providing detailed scenarios that map out the consequences of different energy policy and investment choices. The international energy agency iea released the 20 edition of their world energy outlook weo20. The assessment updates the analysis and findings of the ieas.

I was going over the ieas world energy outlook 20 and noticed a few things you might find interesting. Nov 12, 20 energy efficiency a major factor in the global energy balance is treated in much the same way as conventional fuels. Downloads are a mix of pdf, excel, csv and powerpoint documents. Updated annual energy outlook 20 reference case april 20 the aeo20 reference case included as part of this complete report, released in april 20, was updated from the aeo2012. Energy efficiency update 20 natural resources canada. As usual, mr fatih birol is pretty optimistic about the future. The ieas 2012 world energy outlook emphasizes that, despite current efforts, there remains significant untapped potential for energy efficiency. Rather the value of the energy outlook is in providing a structure and discipline. The international energy agencys annual energy projections. World energy outlook 2011 international energy forum ief. World energy outlook special report on energy and climate change published in. Six key trends shaping the energy future the swirl of headlights and taillights marks the traffic flow at a busy petrol hina gasoline station. The world energy outlook series is a leading source of strategic insight on the future of energy and energyrelated emissions, providing detailed scenarios that map out the consequences of different energy policy and investment choices.

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