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The history of the quichua can be traced to lake titicaca region around the year. The reform of the magna carta was one of the initiatives launched by the current leader of ecuador, rafael correa, after taking power at the end of. Two indigenous languages, quechua and shuar, will be official languages of ecuador along with spanish. Here are some of the basic quechua words and phrases that you will use often. Get involved with these impressive indigenous languages and cultures. Curso kichwa quichua imbabura ecuador leccion 1 saludos. Quechua is spoken in the andean region of south america, encompassing following countries. Discourses on diversity and education and, more specifically, on intercultural education are multiple and fragmented in various terrains. Learn basic quechua with instant immersion quechua online. Ecuador, though one of the smallest countries in south america, is also ranked among the world\s most biologically and culturally diverse. This was decided by the constituent assembly of the andean country, which defined itself as an intercultural state and plurinational. From the pristine beaches of the tropical pacific coast to the snowcapped peaks of the high andes to the dense rainforests of amazonia, and the extraordinary galapagos islands, there is something for everyone in this beautiful, undiscovered treasure. Quichua, otavalo highland in ecuador joshua project. Conceptual procedimental actitudinal cosmovision andina quechua conoce algunas.

Lengua quichua ecuatoriana lengua quichua ecuatoriana autores. Peru, bolivia, colombia, ecuador, chile and argentina. Ecuadorian constitution makes quechua and shuar official. Algunos estan escritos en espanol, ingles, y quichua, otros solo en espanol y quichua, y otros solo en quichua. Manual auto instructivo curso quechua basico repositorio. Resources for the study of quechua center for latin. There are two main groups of indians in the inca empire, stretching the length of western south america.

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