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Given the fact that the story of imitation general is motivated by the passing of a torch, its ironic that the films first network showing in november of 1963 was. America always had enlisted men that would take command and do what had to be done. Whilst in the original film, the imitation of life was just a reference to peolas in this film, sarah jane desire to pass for white, in this film, three out of the four main characters have been living their own imitations of life. We zero in on the major plot points in the imitation. Benedict cumberbatch, keira knightley, matthew goode. We are fortunate to have two scenebyscene breakdowns.

Taina elg is a lovely addition though she only speaks french in the film. Based on a true story and its accompanying novel, the imitation game 2014 is about british efforts to crack germanys enigma code during world war ii, which germany uses to communicate their military strategies and combat plans. Cast in credits order complete, awaiting verification. Dean jones and crusty old tige andrews complete the casts main characters. The film, distributed by metrogoldwynmayer, is based on a short story of the same name by william chamberlain. There were so many good military movies made about wwii during the 40s and 50s that imitation general could get lost among the sheer numbers but it stands out for me because of the uniqueness of the story and for the casting of glenn ford and red buttons. Shop imitation general from family and add this movie to your collection. Porter, who joined edisons company in 1899 and advanced the special effects pioneered by georges melies, completed the sevenminute film in. One of glenn fords best humorous parts in a action film. Imitation of life 1959 film analysis by jesse day on prezi. The general is an ambitious film that combines historical fact, outlandish stunts, acts of heroism, and an inventive story line.

My friend irma is a 1949 american comedy film directed by george marshall, and is most notable as the film debut of the comedy team dean martin and jerry lewis. The title of the film quotes the name of the game alan turing proposed for answering the question can machines think. The imitation game is a 2014 american historical drama film directed by morten tyldum and written by graham moore, based on the 1983 biography alan turing. Were your movie poster source for new releases and vintage movie posters. After the film i bought this book and a few others in order to get to know more about the brilliant man and the codebreaking that went on during ww2. Twelve years before imitation general 1958 was released, the prevailing attitude towards world war ii was best reflected in serious films like the best years of our lives 1946. The imitation game is a tremendously engaging work of historical fiction about alan turing, the british mathematical genius who was key to cracking the military codes of the nazis unbreakable enigma machine. Buster keaton plays johnny gray, a southern railroad engineer who loves his train engine, the general, almost as much as he loves annabelle lee marion mack.

Based on a novel by william chamberlain, imitation general has a bit more story depth and character development than the average wwii service comedy. Imitation general 1958 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The plot was inspired by a real incident, though the keaton touch adds some of the most memorable stunt work and sight gags the cinema has ever seen.

Telecharger imitation general film complet en francais vf. It was sirks final hollywood film and dealt with issues of race, class and gender. We had a lot of born leaders in the military during. A master sergeant glenn ford takes a fallen general s star and leads an attack in world war ii france. As an adult, he was a man who attracted enormous publicity even while obsessively guarding his privacy. I watched the imitation game last week and i was left in awe, and slightly ashamed of myself for not knowing the contribution of alan turing to the war efforts and the advent of the computer age. Stahls 1934 imitation of life with douglas sirks betterknown version from 1959, an examination of savage inequities. Imitation general is a 1958 blackandwhite comedy war film in cinemascope, directed by george marshall, produced by william b.

Imitation general 1958 movie clip you know the french. The story was adapted from the memoir the great locomotive chase by william pittenger. With glenn ford, red buttons, taina elg, dean jones. Imitation general 1958 rotten tomatoes movie trailers. Ghostbusters, top gun enter national film registry. Paul smith, glenn ford, barry cahill, frank francesco, kent smith, bob dennis, buzz henry, red buttons, dean jones, bob. This glamorized remake of the 1934 film imitation of life bears only a passing resemblance to its source, the bestselling novel by fannie hurst. Based on william chamberlains short story imitation general, which appeared in the november 17, 1956 edition of the saturday evening post, the film centers on the exploits of a world war ii sergeant ford who must masquerade as his commanding general kent smith when the general is killed in action. Although the film goes overboard in silliness at times, imitation general is a pretty good comedy from the talented directoractor team of george marshall and glenn ford who also did the riotously funny the sheepman that same year.

Imitation general 1958 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Read the full synopsis of imitation general, 1958, directed by george marshall, with glenn ford, red buttons, taina elg, at turner classic movies. Buy imitation general movie posters from movie poster shop. When teresa played by vanessa bauche was left in mexico by a husband who hiked it up to montreal, quebec, canada, she followed in search of him with the help of fenton played by jesse aaron dwyre, a grocerystore stock boy, but. Michael boughen, producer of the tv series, tomorrow when the war began 1 the subject here is imitation of life, but its important to be clear about one point from the start. His turn as turing earned him an academy award nomination for best actor.

Leo genn signed to do the film after pulling out of run for the sun. The general is a 1926 american silent comedy film released by united artists. Ford and buttons are marvelous and the movie walks the line between humor and the reality of the horror of war with real class. This guide is useful for exploring topics including information computing technology, history. Since several of his key scenes had not yet been filmed, recasting. Murphy savage, who is forced to take drastic action when brigadier general charles lane kent smith is killed in action. Imitation is a 2007 canadian film by directed by federico hidalgo and starring vanessa bauche, jesse aaron dwyre and conrad pla and distributed by atopia plot. The sergeant must use this disguise to keep up the morale of the men and rally them to counterattack the nazi forces in france.

Ditto for any adaptation of a novel or a play or a poem to the screen, large or small. Stopmotion and matte paintings added to the films whimsical appeal. I have being looking for this o cd for years please release it on cd more produce a advd of imitation general. It stars benedict cumberbatch as british cryptanalyst alan turing, who decrypted german intelligence messages for. The imitation game is a stylish wartime drama with stellar central performances and an eyeopening premise. Directed by douglas sirk starring lana turner susan kohner new 4k restoration text. How furious 7 brought the late paul walker back to life. Lester hoyle, fred kruger, george marshall, william hawks.

The imitation game imitating oppositionality, sincere. Sergeant murphy savage impersonates a dead general in order to inspire the demoralized troops in fighting their way out of nazi encirclement. The gun has a m1928a1 receiver and cutts compensator muzzle, but with an m1s ltype rear peep sight instead of the m1928a1s adjustable lyman sight, and an m1s smooth barrel, which lacks the m1928a1s cooling fins. The film is a unique 1960s time capsule, a telling look at the myriad tensions involved in film creationa film on the making of a filmwith three camera crews recording different parts of the process and personalities involved director, actors, crew, bystanders. Glenn ford and red buttons take a mighty big chance trying to impersonate a general. Released 1958, imitation general stars glennford, redbuttons, tainaelg, deanjones the movie has a runtime of about 1 hr 28 min, and received a score of out of 100 on metacritic, which assembled. Douglas sirks imitation of life senses of cinema film. The film is a colour palette of dreary london grey, burgundy, gold and kitbag brown. Major kudos to sean sauber for doing this weeks breakdown. Tomorrow i will post one by rick dyke which provides some interesting analysis. Imitation general 1958 a master sergeant glenn ford takes a fallen generals star and leads an attack in world war ii france.

Other articles where the imitation game is discussed. The general opens with cahill as a boy, stealing from a local merchant and being sent to reform school where he socks a wouldbe molester. The film was released on august 16, 1949, by paramount, and is based upon the cbs radio series my friend irma that first aired in 1947. Derby then pretends that the general had departed and moved on to another area. The main character, alan turing benedict cumberbatch, is a mathematician that is hired by the british government to work on. The imitation game is a 2014 british historical drama film directed by morten tyldum and written by graham moore, based on the biography alan turing. Set in new york in the 1950s, imitation of life by douglas sirk portrays an intricate relationship between a black american mother and her fair skin daughter, sarah jane. Imitation general 1958 a master sergeant glenn ford takes a fallen general s star and leads an attack in world war ii france. In imitation of life, peoples attitude and behavior towards sarah. The language, though of a sophisticated bygone era, is easy to follow, and the 114minute plot is never dull. It was inspired by the great locomotive chase, a true story of an event that occurred during the american civil war.

Imitation of life is the second film adaptation of fannie hursts novel of the same name. Imitation of life, lana turner, juanita moore, terry burnham, 1959. Imitation general movie posters from movie poster shop. Following a route similar to the kings speech, twc will expand the imitation game to six additional markets and about 25 theaters by dec. After the film was completed, owen said all of his films stink but they made money. A barrage of incoming fire sends the men scurrying for cover and murph is knocked out by a piece of flying shrapnel. Benedict cumberbatch stars in a film that struggles to unlock computing pioneer alan turings genius. Imitation general 1958 glenn ford and taina elg in imitation general 1958 red.

Sergeant murphy savage impersonates a dead general in order to inspire the. Hawks, and starring glenn ford, red buttons, and taina elg. Unlike selfconsciously unconventional biopics, the imitation game melds fact and invention with lucidity and sweep. The film stars buster keaton who codirected it with clyde bruckman. A film guide that looks at the imitation game 2014, in which benedict cumberbatch stars as pioneering mathematician and codebreaker alan turing, who was highly influential, but persecuted for being gay.

If youd like a pdf of the imitation game script scenebyscene breakdown, go here. Murphs thompson submachine gun appears to be made up of parts from both an m1928a1 and an m1 thompson. With the korean war over and vietnam yet to come, the 1950s and early 1960s saw a. Imitation general 1958 the image could not be loaded. Imitation general 1958 imitation general 1958 user. Derby red buttons meet native simone tania elg, early in imitation general, 1958, directed by george marshall view the tcmdb entry for imitation general 1958. Sarah jane can pass as white because of her fair skin. Imitation of life is a 1959 american drama film directed by douglas sirk, produced by ross hunter and released by universal international. Imitation general 1958 not rated 1h 28min comedy, war 29 august 1958 finland sergeant murphy savage impersonates a dead general in order to inspire the demoralized troops in fighting their way out of nazi encirclement. Appearance is a central theme throughout the story. Derby tells sellers to play dumb about the generals hiding, then they surrender. Definitions of imitation onelook dictionary search.

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