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Communication systemsamplitude modulation wikibooks. During the demodulation process, the desired signal located at fs 4 is direct downconversion system with iq correction. Pdf on amplitude and frequency demodulation using energy. To study and perform pulse amplitude modulation and demodulation.

It is an analog pulse modulation scheme in which the amplitudes of a train of carrier pulses are varied according to the sample value of the message signal. Pulse amplitude modulation has some applications, but it is not used by itself in data communication. Modulation and demodulation methods are different when i and q representation is used. Once the signal has been received, filtered and amplified, it is necessary to recover the. To study and perform frequency modulation and demodulation. Amplitude modulation a continuouswave goes on continuously without any intervals and it is the baseband message signal, which contains the information. In this lab, students investigate two methods to recover an amplitude modulation am signal in order to develop an understanding of the demodulation process in the time and frequency domain. Amplitude modulation is one of the earliest radio modulation techniques. To study and perform pulse position modulation and demodulation. Since amplitude modulation signal utilizes audio signal to modulate carrier signal, which means the variation of carrier signal amplitude is followed by the change of audio signal amplitude. Demonstration with professor sandy hill from the university of massachusetts at amherst. Modulation and demodulation this chapter describes the essential principles behind modulation and demodulation, which.

The fmmodulated signal has its instantaneous frequency that varies linearly with the amplitude of the message signal. In this lab, voltages are less than 15 volts and this is not normally dangerous to humans. Mcnames portland state university ece 223 communications. In this chapter we will discuss ways of demodulating am, cw, fm, phase, and pulse modulation. The pam control software enables easy setting of swing amplitude and eye proportion fig. Ssb demodulation the phasing method a1 115 combine branches t6 replace input q to the adder. Pulse amplitude demodulation objective to perform and understand the pulse amplitude demodulation. For amplitude modulation, we use simple and low cost circuit. Chose equation 1 and as a result, a complex demodulation process is simplified greatly with a digital coarse mixer see in figure 5. Rc audio generator, oscilloscope, and spectrum analyzer demonstrations with speech and radio. The input output system is treated as an amplitude shift key ask modulated signal modulating a carrier frequency at or about a subjects natural sway. Amplitude shift keying ask modulation on mac where e pt is the energy contained in a bit duration.

Content introduction what is modulation types of modulation amplitude modulation modulation index amplitude demodulation circuit diagram about project conclusion 3. Modulation is the process of altering the characteristics of the amplitude, frequency, or phase angle of the highfrequency signal in accordance with the instantaneous value of the modulating wave. Amplitude modulation can be produced in various ways. Laboratory manual principles of communication system lab ee226f ivth semester prepared by.

Amplitude modulation am 9 t15 use speech or music from trunks as the message, and show that this also generates a trapezoid, and that setting the message amplitude so that the depth of modulation reaches unity on peaks a triangle is especially easy to do, using the gain control g of the adder. Amplitude demodulation synchronous and asynchronous. To study and perform amplitude modulation and demodulation. This gives us something to modulate and carry the information pattern from place to place. Overview of communication topics sinusoidal amplitude. Implementing an amplitude demodulator with a product detector. The following gives implementation microsoft save as pdf or xps 2003 of amplitude modulation demodulation double. Design and implementation of amplitude modulator and demodulator introduction communication is the most important needs from the very beginning of civilization. Pulse amplitude modulation pulse code modulation sampling. To understand the theoretical foundations of analog communications as well as of doublesideband amplitude modulation and demodulation dsbam to design the simulink model of the dsbam to analyze each signal in time and frequency domains using time scope and spectrum analyzer. This lab introduces students to communications theory with amplitude modulation and demodulation. Zero crossing in amplitude modulation is equidistant. Sinusoidal amplitude modulation amplitude demodulation.

An envelope detector receives an input that is an amplitude modulated am or amplitude shiftkeying ask coded signal. In this modulation, the signal is sampled at regular intervals and each sample is made proportional to the amplitude of the modulating signal. This means that their ratio is unity at the output of the adder, which forces m to a magnitude of exactly unity. We will now demodulate the double side band amplitude modulated signal from part 1b above. Amplitude modulation amplitude modulation is defined as a process in which the amplitude of the carrier wave a c cos27rf c t is varied about a mean value, linearly with the baseband message signal mt, where, a c is the carrier amplitude, f c is the frequency of the carrier signal and t is time. Amplitude modulation is defined as the process in which the amplitude of the carrier wave ct is varied about a mean value, linearly with the baseband signal. It is a nonlinear process that generates additional frequencies, as we will see. Modulation techniques pwm and pulse code modulation. Pulse amplitude modulation is the basic form of pulse modulation. Overview of communication topics sinusoidal amplitude modulation amplitude demodulation synchronous and asynchronous double and singlesideband am modulation pulse amplitude modulation pulse code modulation frequencydivision multiplexing timedivision multiplexing narrowband frequency modulation j. Full text of implementation of amplitude modulation on. The circuit of figure 1 shows an am modulator circuit, whose carrier.

The idea is simple, though the notion that it can be used to modulate signals. Confirm that adjustment of the phase shifter has no significant effect upon the amplitude. Both modulation and demodulation schemes will be discussed binary fsk. On amplitude and frequency demodulation using energy operators article pdf available in ieee transactions on signal processing 414. The receivers used to listen to amdsbc are perhaps the simplest receivers of any radio modulation technique. Polar view shows amplitude and phase of i t t, q t t and y t t combined signal for transmission at a given frequency f. The pulse may take any real voltage value that is proportional to the value of the original waveform. Signals and demodulation frequency shift keying fsk is the most common form of digital modulation in the highfrequency radio spectrum, and has important applications in telephone circuits. Pulse modulation timedivision multiplex tdm continued necessary bandwidth for tdm signal transmission as only the amplitude information is important here, the absolute minimum bandwidth required such that the information in each sampled channel remains independent of that in the. When we take a demodulation unit of am receiver, it consists of rc filter and a diode which will demodulate the message signal or modulating signal from modulated am signal, which is unlike in frequency modulation.

Synchronous am demodulation carrier phase comments wt 1. Modulation and demo dulation 66c h a p t e r learning objectives what is a carrier wave. It requires that the amplitude of the dc a part of a t is equal to the amplitude of the ac part a. Pulse amplitude demodulation peak detection is used to detect pam. Cr1 is the input diode which allows capacitor c1 to charge to the peak value of the pam input pulse. Farshad lahouti january 20, 2003 winter 2003 uw, ece 318 lecture notes 2 information source signal modulator propagation channel signal demodulator information destination analog communication system analog signals may be transmitted directly via carrier modulat ion over. Then, students will use labview to program an am demodulator and use it to explore and visualize the. Figure 321 includes a simplified circuit view a for this demodulator and its waveforms views b and c.

Here well use the example of a square law fet as illustrated in figure 9. Radio frequency spectrum sound need for modulation radio broadcasting modulation methods of modulation amplitude modulation percent modulation upper and lower sidebands mathematical analysis of a modulated. Demodulation is extracting the original informationbearing signal from a carrier wave. However, you should assemble or modify a circuit when power is disconnected and dont touch a live circuit if you have a cut or break in the skin. Each channel has a sample switch and a diode that charge an internal sampling capacitor. If the received carrier phase is assumed to be constant, each of the seven reference values will have to be shifted only once at the beginning of the simulation. No information is lost, but the energy is redistributed in the frequency domain.

A reset switch discharges the internal sampling capacitor after each. Dec 27, 2014 this is a fun little circuit that is easy to build with readily available parts. Am modulation and demodulation with circuit and output. Let j1 of dcs61 short circuit and connect the output terminal pcm op of modulated pcm signal of dcs51 to the input terminal pcm ip of demodulation. Because of amplitude modulation wavelength, am signals can propagate longer distances. I and q components in communications signals and single. The output amplitude for each of data1 to data4 is set and the delay is set to minimize the waveform jitter after signal coupling. This article provides a general tutorial on fsk in its many forms. Am modulation and demodulation with circuit and output 1. Amplitude modulation am is a modulation technique used in electronic communication, most commonly for transmitting information via a radio carrier wave.

What we do in am, very roughly,is to throw away the frequency content of. Aug 18, 20 it is assumed that and that amplitude modulation is formed by the product. Amplitude modulation or am is a method to transmit signals via electromagnetic transmission. Frequency modulation is a form of modulation, which represents information as variations in the instantaneous frequency of a carrier wave. Amplitude modulation and demodulation 2017 frank dorenberg n4spp v1. In the positive half cycle of pam signal, diode conducts and current flows through r, whereas in negative half. However, it is the first step in another very popular conversion method called pulse code modulation.

This principle is at the heart of amplitude modulation. Its still used in radio systems to transmit audio signals although it has lesser in popularity compared to fm due to its lower signal to noise ratio. Students will explore the mathematical theory behind amplitude modulation and use the analog discovery 2 to visualize the effects of amplitude modulation in the time and frequency domains. In analog applications, the carrier frequency is varied in direct proportion to changes in the amplitude of an input signal. The ideal modulated signal should have a minimum euclidean distance of 2. In this circuit diode d is the detector diode, the resistance r is the load resistance and c is the filter capacitor. Advantages and disadvantages of standard amplitude modulation. A represents the carrier amplitude, which is a constant that demonstrates the modulation index. To study and perform pulse width modulation and demodulation. It is relatively difficult to tune, as tuned circuit must be tuned to different frequency than carrier frequency. Modulation and demodulation in communication engineering 1. Pulse amplitude modulation pam theory of and its applications.

The original waveform amplitude is quantized with a resulting loss of information. The carrier signal and y have sampling frequency fs. The circuit in which restoration is achieved is called the detector. Multiple choice questions and answers on amplitude modulation. The modulated signal y has zero initial phase and zero carrier amplitude, resulting from a.

Amplitude demodulation of entrained sway to analyze human. Modulation is a technique to transmit information via radio carrier waveform. Introduction to iq demodulation of rfdata september 15, 1999 page 3 of 1 introduction 1. A hold switch connects the internal sampling capacitor to a summing output capacitor or to a postprocessing circuit. Fm demodulation is also called fm detection and sometimes the phrase fm discrimination is used, although this term tends to be used with older circuits and technology. Application note of pampulse amplitude modulation signal. The circuit in which restoration is achieved is called the detector or demodulator. In amplitude modulation, the amplitude signal strength of the carrier wave is varied in proportion to that of the message signal being transmitted. Transmitter and receiver are simple in amplitude modulation. The message signal is, for example, a function of the sound to be reproduced by a. It reacts to all amplitude changes needs a limiter. This signal should have a carrier frequency of 20 khz and be 100 percent modulated in the frequency range from 200 to hz.

Pulse amplitude demodulation theory working of circuit. Amplitude demodulation matlab amdemod mathworks united. Modulation and demodulation in communication engineering. Amplitude modulation am 9 t15 use speech or music from trunks as the message, and show that this also generates a trapezoid, and that setting the message amplitude so that the depth of modulation reaches unity on peaks a triangle is especially easy. Amplitude modulation am, demodulation and their circuit. The process of re creating original modulating frequencies from the carrier is referred to as demodulation or detection. Pulse amplitude modulation pam, is a form of signal modulation where the message information is encoded in the amplitude of a series of signal pulses. Mcnames portland state university ece 223 communications ver. The amplitude modulation receiver will be wider when compared to the fm receiver. I and q components in communications signals and single sideband.

This gives us something to modulate and carry the information pattern from. In the positive half cycle of pam signal, diode conducts and current flows through r, whereas in negative half cycle, the diode is reversed biased and. Nov 30, 2015 advantages and disadvantages of standard amplitude modulation. Before we study in detail about pam lets know the concepts of modulation. Magnitude of it and qt vary with time, representing information in. Merely the addition of two sinewaves, of the same frequency, similar amplitude, and unknown relative phase. Fm demodulation is a key process in the reception of a frequency modulated signal. Carrier is modulated by varying amplitude linearly proportional to intelligence baseband signal amplitude. It does however bring with it all the normal detriments of amplitude demodulation, meaning that it is more sensitive to noise and variations in the amplitude of the input signal than traditional phase demodulation. Hence the objective of amplitude demodulator is to take out the variation envelop. In this experiment, a carrier signal and an audio modulating signal are applied to the modulator ic mc 1496 and the produced modulated waveform is observed. Amplitude modulated am signal and four demodulation methods for fre quency modulated fm signal.

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